Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Another Pearl Harbor, Another 9/11?

Dan's post at Winds of Change led me over to this post at Regime Change Iran. This information , if believed, should alarm everyone. Shouldn't an open declaration of hostilities by a foreign gov't official matter? When they are building atomic weapons?

If the energy of the Democrats is focused on accusing, investigating and proving that GWB "lied us into the War"( See Yesterday's Senate Shenanigans) then it would be nearly impossible for them to process the information about Iran and politically support the needed policy actions against the Iranian threat. I am very troubled that the Dems have moved to the far left Anti-war position. Bill Clinton led the US to attack Iraq (and Afghanistan and Sudan) in 1998; proof that the Dems can act like hawks when it suits them. For the good of the USA it is critical that the Dems rediscover their inner hawk and stand with the rest of us when it matters most.


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