Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Beyond Sloganeering; Analyzing the Patriot Act

John Hinderaker at PowerLine takes the Minnesota Star Tribune to task by going beyond sloganeering to quote and analyze the actual provisions in the Patriot Act. Most of us don't know what's in the Patriot Act; go and read the whole thing to learn more.

Here's a choice bit of media criticism from the article:
...claimed that the administration had cited no instances where the Patriot Act helped thwart terrorists, [not true --editor] while at the same time, they argued hysterically that the Act is a threat to basic American freedoms. But the Patriot Act has been in effect for four years now. If it were such a grave threat to Americans' civil liberties, then the Strib should be able to cite any number of instances where the administration has used it to infringe on those liberties improperly. Right? So how many such instances does the Strib's editorial cite? Zero.


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