Thursday, November 03, 2005

GWOT as compared to WW II

Over at Winds of Change, Cicero wonders:

So this week I am wondering: Is November, 2005 similar to March, 1939?

This week, appeasment has delivered two unfortunate results. First, Iran has elected a new, ultra-Islamofascist president, who has now recalled what it considers to be its 'moderate' ambassadors from Europe, while stepping up uranium production. There is no longer any realistic hope that European carrots will prevent an Iranian bomb. And second, Europe itself is seeing an intifada explode on its own soil. France is burning as I write this. The Netherlands is in a state of high tension, one year after Van Gogh's murder. European immigrants are teaming with passion and fury, with a fire not unlike the ones that raged in Europe 60 years ago.

Is this the point at which Europe collectively recognizes that appeasement has hit a dead end?
The analogy between the so called Global War on Terror (GWOT) and WW II continues. I think the analogy, while as imperfect as all analogies tend to be, is useful.

To answer Cicero's question; I would say NO this isn't March 1939, but rather this is 1940, prior to the blitzkrieg of France. The USA is at war (as Britain and France were in 1940) but much of the rest of the world is not fully involved, even though the enemy is known. The present day France and Germany remain frustratingly on the sidelines, as the USA did until Dec 7th 1941.

I believe there will be several horrific future events that will bring various countries and constituencies into the struggle against Islamo-fascism. I shudder to think what else needs to take place beyond what has happened already: 9/11, Beslan, 3/11, 7/7 ad nauseum.


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