Friday, November 04, 2005

Greenpeace caught destroying the environment

In my favorite story of the day, Greenpeace caught destroying the environment. I wonder how much diesel fuel the rainbow Warrior uses? ;-)

Hey, I like coral reefs too, but it is important to realize that the environment is in a constant state of change. At the moment, the climate is warming (due to Human and non-Human factors). 300 years ago the climate had a distinct, brief cooling episode. Climate changes do cause plants and animals to die off in some areas and populate in others. It is a silly premise to expect the environment (and the coral reefs) to remain the same forever*. A much more nuanced view would embrace the changes as part of our world.

Footnote: I do realize that a more sophisticated Green argument is that Humanity is forcing environmental changes at a rate so fast that the natural systems do not adjust gracefully, resulting in (arguably) negative outcomes. While this is harder to disprove, it really comes down to a set of opinions on what comprises a "negative outcome".

If Arctic Tundra is replaced with Northern woodland is that negative? I don't presume to answer this question, because the answer depends opun the implicit "To Whom". So called Environmentalist Issues tend to boil down to "change is bad", so we should do X, or ban Y so that change doesn't happen. This is a false premise, change is not necessarally bad. X costs money and Y has value; these factors need to be considered.


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